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Jul 6, 2010

 Life with Maiko and Mateo, month 2

Month 2 feel like they have flown by. I'm still not bonded with the boys, but it is better than when I first bought them. Maiko is still aggressive and pouch protective, but not as much as before. I did purchase the bonding potion from Suncoast that I use if I'm going to take him out of the pouch for some reason. Mateo is coming along well. He never crabs unless I take the pouch out f the cage and carry it around, but his crabbing seems forced and a characteristic that he doesn't seem to like to do. They have their vet wellness today, so I'm kind of nervous about this. They are so wriggly when you hold them, I don't want them to jump out of my hand while the vet is looking at them. I know they are going to crab their little heads off too! :)

I have not been able to spend as much time with them to bond as I'd like due to Drill SGT school, but that will be over in a little over a monbth. With me talking so much about these guys, my mom went and got her own pair of girls! They are contageous!!!!!!!

Jun 6, 2010

 My first month with Maiko and Mateo

I've had my twin boys, Maiko and Mateo since the 15th of May. I'm truly addicted to these little creatures. I could sit and stare at them for hours. I finally picked their names this week by looking up Australian origin names. I still have a very hard time telling them apart though.

I'm trying to be a patient new mum to them, and look forward to the days that they can find security in me to want to be around me. I get jealous when I see all the pics of other owners with their little babies sleeping so contentedly in their hands. Mine won't fall asleep in my hands, besides even sit still on me at all! :)

We started tent time this weekend, and I hope that they are not scared the entire time they are in there. They shake in the beginning, but after about 10-15 minutes, they start to explore the tent. They do not play with the toys while they are in there, and only one has accepted a mealie or 2 while in tent time.

We had a rough start when I was trying to figure out why they were biting so hard when I first got them. Come to find out, they were distracted by my acryllic nails and/or the smells that were underneath them. I removed them and have had no more nipping or biting issues at all.

I'm looking forward to our next month with open heart and mind and in hopes they become more trusting of me. They will be getting their vet visit and neuter this month, so we shall see if there is any personality change after that.

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