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Jan 19, 2020

 Tooth Abscess!!!

A little over a month ago my sugar glider started sleeping more, wasn't able to balance, and his eye swelled up really bad. My sister brought him to the vet because I was out of town for a couple days and she claims the vet just looked at him and diagnosed him. Which worries me because I don't now if it is just in the gums or in the root of the tooth. Which I believe, determines if it is going to need to be removed or not. She also didn't drain his eye, was she supposed to? She gave us an antibiotic for three weeks, and it got all healed up as far as I can tell, but he still hasn't been very active at night he just gets up to eat. Should I just give it time? Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent it? Or any other advice?

My vet also told me to switch from the bml diet to pellets(with fruits, veggies, nectar, vitamins, and calcium as well obviously) because she says that is what caused it, all the sweet and liquid food. Has anyone who's had a sugar glider with a tooth abscess know this is true?

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