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I need advice

Dec 1, 2020

 I need advice

I 2 male gliders who i got about 2 weeks ago and they were doing fine on the bml diet and they ate the formula and now they wont touch it but theyll eat the vegetables, im worried that they arent getting the nutrients they need. Does anyone have any tips or anything ? it just worries me that they arent eating the bml mix.


Jan 16 2021 : 06:32:32 PM
My gliders wont touch the stuff, but the breeder I got my female from told me to give them a mix, its 3 hard boiled eggs honey a full bottle of water bee pollen and wombaroo powder look on the website called to find out more and I think theres a recipe for it, if not just send her an email/Facebook message shell be happy to help I dont know the exact measurements of the honey, bee pollen, or wombaroo powder But youll also need to put it in an ice cube tray and freeze it and give it to your gliders at least an hour before they wake up Hope this helps!

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