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my suggie keeps biting my lip

Aug 17, 2022

 my suggie keeps biting my lip

hi, so im a new owner and my baby, neo, isnt an aggresive suggie. when i first adopt him, he was 2 months old and never crabbed or lunged at me. recently, hes been very affectionate (in my opinion) he couldnt sleep im his cage and wants to sleep near me and in my chest. his bites werent painful but recently hes been very active on exploring my body, goes into my head and sort of stuff, he will groom me and sometimes his grooming is quite painful. then he took interest on my lips and start biting it, i dont know what it means.. is he being affectionate or disliked me? please help(: thank you!


Mar 26 2023 : 10:17:02 PM
Sounds like puberty He most likely needs a partner if he wants to sleep on you 24/7 Because if he doesn't have a partner the time of him sleeping in his cage will make him depressed and they only want to sleep holding another unless they are antisocial but that's really rare Sorry for the late reply




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