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A bit about my boys

Oct 4, 2015

 A bit about my boys

my 2 boys Mango & Disel (pronounced diesel) are my] little babies even though Disel is 20 and Mango is 19yrs of age (in squirrel years) i've had them for 2 yrs now and love my little Mango to bits i try to take Mango out as much as possible but i have a very busy life. Mango & Disel were born on the 21st of december (their pouch pals) we love them very much and i love to bring them outside in their hamster ball or sit on the couch with them! i love you my little Mango and Disel!

Their nicknames
- mango's nick name: manjo
- Disel's nickname : Disel (his real name is pronounced diesel)


Oct 04 2015 : 08:34:07 PM
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Disel turned 3yrs old on june 21st! (20yrs in squirrel age)


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