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Jan 28, 2008

 Losing my sugargliders....

I've seen so many gliders come and go for so many reasons. Usually it is the unresearched who start to face unexpected issues when raising these exotic pets with special needs. They say oh, I've researched a lot yet say things that we know should come up in the care of a glider. There is diet and nutrition which may be controversial but leads to awful health issues. There are the social needs of glider companionship to ANOTHER glider, bonding techniques, false impressions of gliders are all cute and cuddly. Unethical breeders and pet stores who give false info. Always research yourself. There are adequate and safe housing needs, breeding and anatomy, glider safe cage sets, toys, wood, etc. Your own home needs to be glider safe esp. bathrooms. Emergency kits for medical or travel are needed. What to do if you lose your glider in your home. Often there are no EXPERIENCED vets or even vets who see them. Let's not forget state and LOCAL regulations vary. Some people move unexpectedly but if you're in the military, college or a highly transferable job you may come across a move to an illegal location. Please reconsider a glider as a pet. They live up to 15 years. College kids should be concentrating on studies, social life and future goals. Young children should rarely have special needs pets such as exotics and teacup or toy dog breeds. Sorry just a reality as you can see from researching accidents and such. These situations would best suit a hardy, docile reptile such as a bearded dragon. I have had a taste of the unwanted sugar gliders from such situations by railroading numerous gliders from one place to another. I can't imagine those who are railroading often and have rescues themselves and their thoughts on this matter. Well I'm here to tell you there may be allergy related issues as well as asthma triggers. When I first researched, every avenue said they were non allergenic for lack of better wording. I came across many who had allergies themselves such as to cats but not allergic to gliders. I'm not sure exactly when but I began to get asthma attacks. It increased over time. Anyone who has asthma attacks knows the feeling. I began to diligently look for the problem. I also continued to resaerch and found one posting from some time back, not here, where a lady had the same experience as myself and everyone opposed her yet she also seemed to go to the legnths to figure out her trigger as well. She did the allergist specialist and all. I also went to the allergist specialist. For those of you who are unaware. There is no testing for sugargliders. I am told to get one created would be a huge dollar figure which one person could not take on. Even if there were testing it does NOT guarantee an allergy to your SPECIFIC pet. This includes the testing done for cats, dogs, etc. For ex. The test could say you are NOT allergic to dogs but you could be allergic to YOUR dog or vice versa. Well with this I am desperate to rid myself of asthma attacks. There is no guarantee that my asthma attacks will end. But I too lose my gliders. So these are MY thoughts for the day.

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