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Aggressive Behavior.

Feb 6, 2020

 Aggressive Behavior.

I have a very aggressive male sugar glider and I dont know what to do Ive tried loving on him, Ive tried the bonding pouch, Ive tried the sugar glider sized blanket scent thing and it makes me sad that he wont be kind... what do I do?


Feb 06 2020 : 10:39:53 PM
try mealworms, freeze dried from walmart kaytee brand they are made for birds. or LIVE mealworms I get from petstore, usually 3 petstores in the area carry them. start with a spoon, then one week later have spoon closer to your hand, then if he starts to get better try to get him to take one from your fingers. I have one female for YEARS that still stays away from me unless I have a snack for her, then she will come near me. she usually wont bite anymore but is very unhappy when I get my hands on her for holding or nail cutting.

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