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Sugar gliders eating only about a cubes worth?

Dec 4, 2019

 Sugar gliders eating only about a cubes worth?

I have two girls who I love to death and I'm a bit concerned with how they're eating? I use a TPG diet and I like to change it up after they eat up all of their food but they haven't been eating very well lately. Their food bowls used to be about empty but now they barely eat. Could I get some advice on what I should try?


Dec 10 2019 : 07:30:39 AM
get a $20 gram scale at the store, walmart, meijer, etc. I weight them in grams. record their weight. I would start probably every 3 days a record. see if they are losing weight, also compare to glider average size information, if stable weight you can do it less often I can look at mine and see some are to BIG, some just right weight.

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