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May 3, 2019

 After intros go well....

I am a newbie (ish) and have been doing as much research as possible before i invite suggie bears into my home. This being said I understand many subjects (such as introducing gliders) come with more opinions than facts. Therefore i do not expect black or white answers. In your opinion whats the best procedure to fallow after an introduction goes well? Do you A. not separate then and allow them to now house together (that is if they continue to get along) or B. let them meet and then basically allow them play dates for an allotted time period daily for a week or so and then live together. The reasoning iv heard be hide plan A. is the the gliders can become depressed thinking that their only chance of friendship is being ripped away. Plan B. seems to be dated but i can see some logic in it, especially if your introducing more then two single gliders (since your only supposed to do intros one on one.) Following that thought how do you properly introducing an uneven number of gliders using the first method? Im aware i might be over complicating things but the concern is still real lol. Just to make it clear Im not skipping over the steps before meeting such as quarantine,vet visits, scent swapping,cage placement,ect, I simply just dont need any more advice on that matter. I know there other methods but most seem cruel (the pouch method that involves compressing both gliders and forcing them to meet,the wet method of soaking the glider making them loose natural instinct to be cautious of each other and instead cuddle for warmth), Im open to other methods if thought to be better.

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