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Male parts hanging out

Jul 12, 2020

 Male parts hanging out

So my male has been having his male parts hanging out for quite some time now. It has been happening every day in the last week and I'm very worried all the time. So I check up on him every 4-6 hours. Every time I see his genitalia hangs out I always put some KY jelly and so far it always went back in. I have brought him to the vet as well and the vet doesn't see the problem because it keeps coming back in, but I'm really worried because it keeps on hanging out. And I always put some KY jelly every time I see it hangs out. Should I be worrying too much or it's normal? also how long does it take for it to go back in? and when should I help him after I see his parts hanging out, should I wait a day or couple of hours and let him do his own thing before putting the KY jelly? He also has a female cage mate by the way. Thanks for you answers


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