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Weird Glider Behavior (Bolded for Skimming)

Jul 11, 2021

 Weird Glider Behavior (Bolded for Skimming)

So my wonderful Momo has been about 1 year in my care now and she does the weirdest things. Sometimes she just spaces out and phases out of existence for a bit just sitting there sometimes for over an hour (my other glider doesn't do this) but then she will like idk snap out of it and be ok? She also bites a lot, but really slowly not really in a panicked fear way with no crabbing, like REALLY slowly.

For a while I thought maybe she's partially blind and she was doing it to see or figure out whats in front of her but recently I took them to the vet and the vet checked her eyes and they were fine. So I think she may have some stuff jumbled around in her brain if you know what I mean.

I don't know how to train her out of biting, I've done kind of everything this past year. I've tried letting her bite me despite it hurting, I've tried hissing at her like another glider would to tell her stop and my latest attempt was just booping her nose every time she tried but it really doesn't seem to stop her and she barely even reacts to me booping her back.

It's hard to do research on it because every "train your glider not to bite" thread or site usually thinks it is cause she's scared or not quite bonded to me yet (which is possible but she jumps on me and stuff in the tent and isn't afraid to interact then). Maybe we need some more one on one time since she's so closely bonded with Petree her other roommate and companion.

Could any Glider owners help me out with some advice please :) if I could get her to stop biting that would be AMAZING its really her only downside.


Jul 11 2021 : 02:29:29 PM
I have two rehome gliders who are HORRIBLE biters when I got them. The thing that I found most helpful was to wear long thick sleeves, to wear socks or gloves on my hands and feet and to just ignore the biting. It's not ideal, but it does protect you and lower the frustration level. I don't know if there is any way to really train them to stop biting. Just to be patient and hope that she'll grow out of it. Gliders go through a puberty stage where they'll literally bite for no reason. I don't know how old Momo is but that might be part of the problem.




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