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When can I take the dad away from baby gliders?

Feb 2, 2017

 When can I take the dad away from baby gliders?

Ok so I want to breed one of my female sugar gliders and I'm going to borrow a male. When can I take the dad away? To give back to his original owner. And how long does it take the babies to get here from when they breed and when they come out of the pouch? If it's a girl can I keep her with the mom to live with. And if it's a boy, how much is it to get them neutered ? This are very important questions for me so please answer!!


Feb 02 2017 : 04:03:44 PM
basically, it is not a good idea to take the dad away... for many reasons... 1st you have to be very careful when introducing the male to your female, gliders are territorial and there is no guarantee they will accept each others... Then, if the introduction goes well, you will have a bonded colony, that is not meant to be separated unless the gliders decide by themselves to split, removing the male would then be a huge stress to both animals. 3rd the father is important to raise the joeys, basically he takes care of them when the female is outside eating and playing, so you could not remove him until the joeys are fully raised (that means weaned and socialised, which would be minimum 8 to 12 weeks out of pouch) and by then the female is likely to already be carrying other joeys... which would need their father later on... All this makes it really complicated to use a borrowed male for breeding. To answer the other questions, after mating, the joeys will go in the pouch after 16 days, and will stay there for another 9 weeks, after which it will get out of pouch and will be nursing for at least 8 more weeks... (which means a minimum of 5 months during which the male must be present... and if they mate again while raising the joeys, a new litter will make his presence needed afterwards too...). if the joeys are females, they can stay with the mother, providing there are no tensions and fights. So... overall, it is not a good idea to just borrow a male for breeding, it's much better to have a formed couple for that.

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