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Bonding with my suggies

Apr 23, 2020

 Bonding with my suggies

Hello friends! I have two wonderful babies, my boy Anakin and my girl Qira! (were a star wars family lol)
Ive been having a bit of trouble bonding with them and I was looking for any tips anyone has that might help!


Apr 24 2020 : 04:16:15 AM
Time, patience, MORE time, consistently spend time with him. and TREATS are great. Take baby steps if needed, look for small improvements. talk to him, I would sing to one, he would stop crabbing and just look at me. and since you are huge human and they small marcupial, give him Time, even MONTHS to adjust to you if needed. some glider are fast to like you and some are slow, very slow, but you keep trying. Use Dark room at night. TREATS., mealworms, yogurt drops.

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