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kibble ?

Dec 23, 2020

 kibble ?

ive seen some people say that they feed kibble / pellets with their gliders diet and I want to know if I should ? I'm getting a pair in early January and have decided to go with BML, at the store they are currently on pellets, a powder mix and some fresh veggies and fruit. i plan to use the BML diet with added fruits and veggies and the occasional bug, should I add pellets to my list or take anything off ?


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i own 2 lizards, 3 frogs, a toad, a mouse, 2 birds, 4 dogs, 2 gliders, and a bunch of fish :) I love learning about how to best spoil my kiddos ! pronouns: pois/poison/he/him/pup/pups/vamp/vamps


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