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Jan 18, 2012

 Bonding Pouch Tutorial


4 pieces of fabric(for my 9 x 12 pouch, I cut 10 x 13 for seam allowances)

Zipper, 2 rings(optional to attach strap), and lots of Pins:

2 small strips of fabric:

Mesh for Window(1" taller than the removed section of fabric):


Step 1: Cut 3-4 inch strip in the middle of 1 inner piece and 1 outer piece:

Step 2: Cut two pieces of mesh the same length as the pouch and 1 inch wider than the removed strip(for seam allowances

Step 3: With the right side of the fabric of the top piece of the outer fabric facing up, place the mesh along the edge & sew along the edge. With the right side of the fabric of the bottom piece of the outer fabric facing up, place the other edge of the mesh & sew along the edge. (Repeat this process using the other piece of mesh and the inner fabric)

(For clarity, the orange piece with mesh and the solid maroon are my outer pieces and the solid orange piece and the maroon piece with mesh are my inner fabric - Go HOKIES!)

(The rest follows the steps in the youtube video on sewing bonding pouches except I choose to hang my straps from the side instead of by the zipper)

Next, with the two pieces that have mesh(one inner and one outer), face the right sides together in the middle with the zipper facing up in between them along the top edge and pin in place.

Then sew along the edge.

Place the outer fabric face up, then the zipper(with inner layers attached) along the top edge, and then the inner fabric face down. Then pin in place and sew along the edge.

Make sure to open the zipper part way before proceeding.

Fold piece of ribbon around the ring:

Lay out the fabric with the zipper in the middle and the two inner layers together and the two outer layers on the other side:

Place ring and ribbon in between the outer layers towards the zipper.

Beginning in the middle at the bottom of the outer layer, sew all the way around both layers except for a 1-2 inch gap when reaching the bottom again. This hole will be used to turn the fabric around. Then trim any excess fabric around the edges and turn right side out.

Attach straps to the rings and its ready to use!

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