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Aug 6, 2015


I am happy to announce I have sold some of my clothes and now I have bought some high protein instant HPW. And found out that the glider gravy the previous owners had given me I is actually HPW as well!! But still had to buy the other HPW bcuz their was only a tiny bit of glider gravy left#128544;#128554;#128557;#128557;

Jul 31, 2015


Ok so my last post I really need some answers!!! First off : how do us tell ur sugar gliders are bonded to you?#??! Second : I've had my boys for a little over 2 and a half weeks last night I decided to stay up all night to discover their sleep routine. I found that it seemed quite irregular to me... they finally wake up at about 1 am and then go back to sleep anywhere between 7-8... is this normal... I take them out a lot during the day. Could this be why they only play at night for that short of time??!?! Third : I made them a nesting box and one will go in but the other is absolutely terrified to go in so pikachu won't stay in there long without squirrel.... also please look on my other post/journal entry I have a lot more questions in there that desperately need to be answered!! One more thing how to u add pics to a journal entry?
Thanks in advanced
Jul 27, 2015

 I need some help!!#

I need some help I am a new sugar glider mommy of 2 unneutured males. I got them July 14 off bokoo after a month of researching. Their names are pikachu and squirrel... I have bonded to them but our bond could use some work!! And I have a lot of questions so please feel free to reply!!** warning this will be a very long post**

My cage is pretty large. I am five foot and the cage without its stand from the floor up is up to my hips.... there is a removable tray at the bottom that I empty and wash down 1-2 times a week. My cage did not come with and level shelves though.... Is my cage ok??

When I first got my boys they came with a cage and some food and 2 safe toys everything else in there was not glider safe so I took it out...I ordered a bonding pouch, 15 pc cage set off Amazon( 2 cage pouches, 1 vine, 1 hide and seek pouch, 4 corner shelves, 2 square hammocks, 1 bridge, 5 pieces of fleece) I set it up well, I think. In addition to that I ordered a pop n play ball pit, a forage n play bird ladder, coconut hideaway, 50 bird clips.. I also made another vine out of safe cloth and made a nest box out of an old shoe box and hung it up high...but they chew holes in it is this normal??? I also but a rubber duck in there filled with sunflower seeds in there and they have a wheel..
Both my gliders seem healthy with fluffy tails .. pikachu is even fat!! And squirrels tail has finally fluffed out when before we got him it was not.... anyways... I have a water bottle in there for them as wheel as a shallow dish of water in the opposite side of the cage. I have a 2 types of pellet foods in different trays( vitasmart in a food bowl on the ground and the other one the came with in a different tray up high ) I sprinkle calcium, dried meal worms, and occasionally baby banana cereal over the pellets. I also have another tray filled with a couple of live mealworms(on the ground) and every night I cut up fresh fruits and vegetables into another tray with some sunflower seeds a gallop of yogurt and some glide a mins sprinkled over top... am I missing something?!??!?!

I take both my gliders out for bathroom time at least twice a day for at least 30 min each time . Pikachu and squirrel now really would just rather chill out on me now. But squirrel is still a bit skiddish. And every time pikachu wants into my shirt let him and he almost always ends up biting my tummy #128557; there have only been a few times when he hasn't ... so these past couple of days I haven't been letting him or squirrel into my shirt ( only good and sometimes pockets)......
Alright I think that's covered most of it.... thanks in advanced and please help me out as I am very new at this and have had to get all my info so far off the internet..... and no there are no vets for sugar gliders in my area so hopefully there won't be any problems... once again thank you..


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