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Sakura Died

Jul 27, 2018

 Sakura Died

I walked in this morning to check on my Sugar babies, Sakura was in the cage and she wasnt moving I go and picked he up and she was missing her eye! Blood all over her dont know what happened, didnt hear any fighting from the group. I dont know what happened. I am very depressed.


Jul 28 2018 : 09:50:09 PM
im sorry for your loss, There may not have been any fighting at all that would have alerted you. She was probably already passed when the others ate her eye, the eyes are the usually the first thing the colony starts to remove to prevent predators from spotting the deceased glider, then they move on to the internal organs if they have time, again to prevent the predators from smelling the deceased glider. I't can be gruesome when that happens but, it is "normal" and how they protect the surviving colony members from scavengers.

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