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Feeling discouraged

Nov 29, 2007

 Feeling discouraged

After reading the posts about glider introductions I am wondering if things will work out for Scuttle (new guy). I have the cages side by side because I literally can't put them anywhere else (I only have the one room here at school). Al is still crabbing and fighting through the bars with him (when he is out). Dezi doesn't seem to mind having two boys around, but is scared by the way Al is acting (frantically marking everything and lunging out at her when they are loose. He doesn't actually hurt her but they smell the other one and are nervous and never sure who is who). I was planning to get Scuttle neutered over Christmas break and then trying to introduce them. From the sound of the posts it doesn't seem likely to work. This means I will have to find him a friend elsewhere and have two cages in one room which really isn't working out. I hope I don't have to give him away again. He's been to so many homes and given away so many times and that's why I wanted to keep him and give him a stable home. I guess I will get him neutered either way and figure out what to do if I can't integrate the two cages. I just wanted them to be a big happy family. :(


Dec 02 2007 : 01:01:08 PM
99.9% of the time you simply cannot introduce a new male into a group when a female is present. The males will always protect their current females. And this is ME saying this... The easiest thing to do is to find another mate for the newbie and keep two cages, or perhaps trade him for a female and try her as an introduction using any or all of the methods discussed here.

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