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Testing the Waters - HPW

Feb 3, 2012

 Testing the Waters - HPW

When I got home from class yesterday, a package was waiting for me in my room! Finally I received the HPW powder, along with American Bee Pollen. Right away I ran to the market to buy the other ingredients that was necessary for making the SSG Fruit/Veggie mix. Finding the bok choy, butternut squash, papaya, and a few other items did not take much time, but actually making everything took way longer than I expected! Thankfully my brother was around and was nice enough to help me with the entire process.

I also was not expecting how big of a batch that it made! Holy moly. I wish we had taken a picture of the huge bowl we used. We filled two containers and three ice cube trays full of just the fruit/vegetable mix.

At that point, my entire family had their fingers crossed, hoping Dasha would like her new diet. If she didn't- what the heck were we going to do with all those fruits and vegetables?!

When I filled her bowl, she was very hesitant. At first she just sniffed and sniffed. But then she got comfy and began to eat the HPW. She didn't go near the fruits and vegetables though. This was a disappointment, but when I came home a few hours later, I saw that the HPW was completely gone, and it looked like she tested the waters with the fruits and veggies. When I woke up, her bowl was completely empty! A success! :) She either liked it, or she didn't want to starve. I'm hoping it's the first one, because we have like a four month supply of the stuff.

What fruits and vegetables do your gliders go nuts for?


Feb 05 2012 : 02:26:43 PM
You're lucky they're not picky! Once this huge batch of fruits/veggies is gone, I'm going to modify it based off of what I know she really loves. But yeah, she goes for the HPW first every time! :)

Feb 05 2012 : 10:06:36 AM
I don't have picky gliders. They eat anything except bananas. lol. I also just started this diet and mine both LOOOOVE it. Especially the HPW!

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