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Oct 31, 2017

 Sugar Gliders & Radiator Heat

Hi Everyone! I was curious if anyone here who owns sugar gliders, knows anything about radiator heat and the safety with sugar gliders. We've been living in an older apartment since May, but haven't had to worry about the radiators until it's gotten cold recently! Every night, we let our suggies out to play. We have radiators in every single room of our apartment and there's no real way of blocking them off from our gliders. I've looked into radiator covers and they're pretty expensive. I've also looked into DIY radiator covers, but it looks a little to crafty for my woodworking skills.I was wondering if anyone here has suggestions of what to do? Does anybody have sugar gliders and radiator heaters? Has it ever been a problem? Does anybody's sugar gliders just stay away from them because they're too hot? Any information would be helpful! Thank you!

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