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Jan 13, 2009

 My little skittles is in heat!

My little skittles is in heat! (it started on the 10th) well tecnically she isnt in heat anymore but the male did mate with her!

im so excited! if she has a second joey im going to be really excited!
Im probably going to get by male fixed after this though because I dont want her to be "over bred" and I have herd that every joey she has takes 6 months off her life!

well I will post updates on her and if two baby bumps form I will post some pictures!!!

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I love my sugar gliders, my hobbies include rescuing animals in need and helping out any way I can with animals, I volunteer at a horse rescue on mondays to help out abused or injured horses and I walk dogs at my local animal shelter. Im planning on getting a job this summer to buy (or make) my gliders the biggest cage I can!
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I had two new additions to my colony of gliders. 2 joeys! meeka and taz. We also adopted a 12 year old glider [:D] Are glider group is now up to 7!
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YES! the furry thing on my sholder is REAL! (whenever I go into a store with my glider everyone asks if its actually living lol)