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Self mutilating glider please help if possible.

Mar 14, 2017

 Self mutilating glider please help if possible.

I have had two twin girls for 9 years. A couple months back one of my girls passed. The other one went through a lot of stress due to her sister passing. She lost weight, wouldn't eat much even treats, and recently when I thought she was doing better she started self mutilating her tail. I have been giving her even more attentions since her sister passed due to they are very social creatures and I'm trying to fill that void. I took her to a vet and got a cone put on her to prevent her from chewing on her tail. The vet suggested that I get two more gliders to add since how she is so old so I don't end up in the same boat. She has been tested for bacterial infections and her diet is perfect althrhough she is a picky gal. THe vet said the cone is a must, but once she heals she will still chew because of the lack of companionship. Which this is what I expected the issue was before taking her in. At this point I can't afford to buy 2 more gliders at full price due to me being pregnant. I love this babe so much and just want to be healthy. I started a go fund me page to raise some money so that I can help her out more to my ability. If there is anyway you can donate or share the link with friends or on Facebook I would be so grateful! Every penny counts and I thank all of you in advance! Here is the link if you are able to help in any way possible :


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