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male agression

Dec 30, 2019

 male agression

I got a sugar glider about 6 months ago. my brother had him with a female but he chewed off one of her ears and a foot. he asked if i would take him so i did. im aware it takes a while for bonding. i also know they should be in a pair of two or more. the thing is, is he is really aggressive. im not sure how to go about having a buddy for him if he just trys to eat the poor thing. he crabs and bites me every time i go near him. im unsure of his age and if he is fixed. im assuming he inst fixed, could that be the cause of the aggression? any advice on how to go about fixing the aggressive behavior?


Jan 01 2020 : 06:02:08 AM
he is a very tiny critter, you are a huge giant MEAT EATER, so he is scared to death of you. the trust must be built over time using different bonding methods. some gliders take a long slow time to get used to humans. I have one female that will risk time around me for the treats, then she is gone back to cage. all cage doors open 24/7, but she stays in cage almost always. I believe, do NOT let him bite you. give him lots of time to get used to you if needed.

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