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Dec 31, 2008

 The New Gliders

It was there first night here and so far so good. The cage they are in was the one they came in. I will have to clean it and pouchs that came with it. The pouchs are realy bad. You can't even hold them that is how bad they are. These little one are so sweet. The old owner said she could not put her hand in the cage with getting attacked. I didn't have any problems at all. I put my hand in when female was running in her wheel and she just looked at it and keeped running in her wheel. I had to get them a water bottle becouse she send one with them. So when I went to walmart I got that and I even got them some monkeys too. Yep I already spoiling them like my other babys hehe. They didn't eat much last night but that is ok since last night was there first night here. In a couple days they will be fine. This is the first time I seen a WFB up clost and they are so pretty. I am realy glad I took them in and gave them a for ever home. I don't know why they went through 3 home's. But they don't have to worry about leaveing this home becouse they are here for good. Welcome home Precious and Doodles and don't worry my new baby's you won't be leaveing this home at all. You are here for good.

Dec 27, 2008

 My Gliders

Well I am getting 2 more gliders from some one that don't want to give them a chance at all. I just don't understand why she won't give them a chane at all. They are asking for this to be done to them. All they want is a home and some to love them and take care of them. When my friend told me about them I was shocked this lady only had them for 3 weeks and won't give them a chance at all. Yes the female is biteing right but she is scared still becouse that was her 3rd home and she don't know that place yet. So I am going to take them in and I hope they know they will have a home here for the rest of there live's. I won't have to get a cage for them becouse there cage they are in now will come with them so at least they will some thing they know. But my heart just hurts for them. I will be meeting that lady and I am going to keep my cool with her and just get them and get them home whare they belong and feel wanted. I wish peaple would think of them as there kids. Hello would you throw out your kids becouse you can't handle them or that you just don't want to take care of them any more. Ummm I think not so why do that to them. They are like kids so why do that to them. I just want to take hands and ring there necks but I know I can't do that so I will help the little guys out and give them a better home and spoil them. I wounder what they are though right since that lady don't want them. I wish I could get them now but I will have to wait tell Tuesday to get them. That will give me time to get toys ready and there spot too. I am going to put them in my liveing room for now so they get use to all the noise and to use. Hmm I have to more goody to help with the bonding. So many stuff to do. How to spoil them frist lol. yea I know I bad but all my gliders get spoiled some how.
My humane kids shocked me yesterday. They got $10 each for christmas and they got each other one thing and then bought toys for each of the gliders too. Even Tinkerbell and Peter Pan got a toy too. I am raising loveing and careing kids. They will be like me and take in a animal that is in need for a good home. I am so proud of my kids for what they did and my gliders has a new toy to play with in there cages.
Tinkerbell and Petter Pan are doing realy good. They eating so good for me. when I feed them they look at me with those little eyes with all the trust they have. One that is so neat is when my hubby is holding one and I feeding the other one. The one he holding and playing with is looking for me. As soon as they see me they get all excited that they try there best to get to me and they are only 3 weeks old. Petter Pan will get fixed as soon as I can fix him.
Peanut and Lucky are doing realy good too. I am going to try to get them back together with Oscar and Titus again. But I have to do the pouch swope again though. But it won't be hard to do though. By the time they are back with oscar and titus the joeys will be ready to be in there own cage. So it is all working out.
Oscar and titus feeling like there are the kings becouse they are the bigger cage of all. They are loveing it. But I think they are missing the other 2 so I am going to work hard to get the other 2 back in that cage with them so they can have there friends back.
But all in all they are all doing good and getting spoiled as ever. I would not change my life at all. I would go nuts if I don't my little fur kids. They are my life and will alway be. I will alway give them all the best home as I can and of course spoil them lol.

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