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Apr 22, 2009

 Semester is almost up.

This semester is almost over...I'm more than ready for summer break. I only have 2 more semesters until I get my associates degree....but I still have 2 years after that for my Bachelors! This semester has really run my into the ground...I'm hoping that a few months off will be just the refresher I need to get prepared for fall semester. I never realized HOW draining it would be to work 40 hours a week AND go to school..Thank god I don't have any skin kids yet or I'm not sure how I'd manage!

A lot of good things should be happening soon. My boyfriend got the job at OG&E and will be making the big bucks as soon as his background check goes through...My birthday is in 13 days...and I hope to start intros with Panda and Jersey this weekend (after Panda has her fecal test). I hope intros go better with them than it did when I tried to get Jersey in with my boys. *Fingers Crossed*

I hope that everyone is doing well. It seems like our entire country has been under a tremendous dark cloud of stress lately. I'm ready for the sunshine and I'm really hoping that the summer will bring what I'm hoping it will bring!! A sense of relief and relaxation. Lord knows we all need it.

Jan 5, 2009

 Back to Reality.

Well it's back to reality for me. I've been on my 2 week vacation from work and today is my first day back. I can't say I'm very happy to be here but I AM ready to get paid thursday!! Only 340ish days until my next 2 week break!! It's been a wonderful 2 weeks full of staying up late, sleeping in until almost noon, and doing a whole lot of NOTHING!! is my wake up call..literally. Time to get back to the world of work and school and quit pretending that I never have to go back!!

After work today I've got to go to my school and figure out this financial aid thing. (If you don't know the story you can find my rant about it under the general chat forum). Anyway, I don't know what I'm going to do if they still deny me financial aid...I will probably have to drop out. Hopefully they will tell me that the criteria is different at a University so I can just transfer. I just need to find something out soon because class starts in 15 days...I'm tired of stressing out about this school crap..

Then AFTER I get done at the school I've got to hurry home and call around some vets to see who treats sugar gliders in my area and who has an emergency number. I just want to have these numbers on hand in case anything ever happens. So hopefully I won't be at school for too long today otherwise I may have to call around vets tomorrow after work.

Please wish me a LOT of luck with my financial aid situation and with finding some more vets.

(PS I already know of one vet that treats sugar gliders...I am just looking for an emergency vet to have on-hand)

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