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Sep 26, 2022

 New Sugar Mama

I am a new mama temporarily to 2 adorable sugar gliders. They are both neutered males. Bandit and Morpheous belong to my brother and I am currently fostering them for the next at least 6 months while my brother is hospitalized. (No worries he's fine)

I have begun the bonding process and am glad to announce that after the first 4 days we have not had any crabbing and they have allowed me to put my hand into their snuggle cube and they have even climbed out of their cage and onto me. :) The bonding process is going very well I assume. I will be getting a bonding pouch in the mail soon also. I just went and bought a bunch of glider safe fruits and veggies and greens. They have kibble/pebbles and although I don't know alot about their diet and care just yet I am willing to learn and doing as much research as I can. I have read that fresh fruit and veggies is better than the kibble. I am open to any and ALL advice and help possible. I want to take the best care possible of these babies. Thank you all!

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