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Jul 28, 2018

 What is the deal

My gliders keep fighting I got a Joey a month ago and they are almost perfect they sleep in the same pouch together eat together all with out fighting but night they trade off but one will hisses and the other will attack each other they don't hurt each other like biting and leaving a mark but Chase and crab at each other they only don't at night too are they play fighting or just don't get along how don't change it

May 24, 2018

 How many yogurt drops it to much

My lily loves yogurt drops but she is so good all the time so i give her like 3 a day like when she is patient when new people are holding her or for a snack or another reward. How many is too much I don't want to make her sick so plz help me thanks

Apr 22, 2018

 Tpg diet?

So I have been feeding my glider the tpg diet and I have been doing it in liquid form and not freezing it. Do I need to freeze it for better results, but she eats it just fine. So should I continue to what she knows or what the recipe says. Would it do anything different
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