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Jan 5, 2018

 Entry Number One

Hello, my name is Kaylee and I am a new mommy of two beautiful suggies. I have recently adopted two female gliders, a night ago actually. Both are still young but of an unknown age. The man we got them from had recently saved them from a mobile petting zoo, having no clue what their exact ages were. All we know is that one is roughly 2 months younger than the other and they are still young. When we picked them up the older one had a name Isabelle, that's just what the man called her, I however didn't care for the name much. I ended up changing her name and naming the other as well, Jinx (the younger one/no name) and Jingles (the older one/Isabelle).

The car ride home was nearly an hour and a half which Jinx and Jingles both spent playing around in their cage. When we arrived home they both stayed in the pouch for a little while until Jingles finally got brave enough to venture out. They have both been eating and drinking and doing very well, also crabbing only a slight few times. I haven't had a bonding time yet but that's only because I wanted them to adjust to the house before I tried to mess with them too much. (If that is the incorrect thing to do, I'm sorry..) We are feeding them The Pet Glider Fresh Diet and they seem to be very intrigued by it. I don't think they ever received a fully fresh meal, just treats. I also, leave pellets in their cage at all times (not as a meal) incase they wake up and need something to munch on.

Although I have had them for only a short amount of time I'm already noticing the strict differences in their personalities. Jingles is more adventurous and a curious little girl. Today we made a little pouch/hammock out of one of my shirts, just so they can get used to my smell and stuff, that Jingles loves to play in and sleep in. (I read that that's a good way to get them used to you. If you have any other ideas, please tell me :) )
We also bought some little cat toys (the balls with bells inside) that she really enjoys playing around with.
Jinx on the other hand likes to just pop her head over the side of the pouch and observe whats going on before going back to sleep (I'm not sure if this is due to her being a little younger?) She's the one that crabs and although it's not often she still does it. (I know it's to be expected) Also, both girls love grapes however Jingles will eat the entire thing while Jinx just eats the insides and leaves the skin. (I cut the grapes in half so it's easier for them to eat and/or hold.)

Tonight around 11:30 they both finally came out and started playing, eating, and drinking so that's good.

If anyone has any advice on anything really, I would appreciate it immensely. I want to be the best suggie mom possible and anything could be helpful. :)

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