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Sugar glider low on calcium

Jan 30, 2021

 Sugar glider low on calcium

I have a female glider named Lola, she had two joeys (Consecutively) and during this time I had taken my other gliders to the vet for a check up. When it was her turn the doc said she was borderline MBD and prescribed a calcium supplement for her. She is not liking the smell/flavor of it at all and it is making me extremely nervous because I dont want her to keep getting worse. Ive tried putting honey and apple juice at the end of the syringe hoping shed want it then, but its not working. I just recently heard about giving your glider tums when theyre low on calcium, so I was wondering how or if I should give it to her. Honestly any advice would help, Im extremely worried about her and I dont want her to get so low on calcium that she starts to get seizures. If anyone has any other products or know of the best way to give calcium to my little baby please let me know!


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