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May 16, 2018

 gizmo update

We took him the other day to the vet. they were surprised at his recovery (actually thought we were taking him to be put down).
gizmo is still underweight I think but is seemingly doing stable. he is on antibiotics for some eye issue and prophylaxis for possible infections.

we continue to monitor him but are happy with his recovery he still circles and may for life. would like to get him in some rehab but i think he will make it fine now. thanks for everyone's comments and support.

Apr 26, 2018


we visited gizmo today, he is stable but still struggleing. he had gotten a bite and was rushed to windcreset in delaware. he did seem peaceful today while napping with his girlfriend that we brought in for a visit. sooo worried about him right now and if only he would eat on his own. i know he will pull through.
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