Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians - Vet List | This is list of exotic vets listed by state and by country.

Ruth's Sugar Glider Page | (ARCHIVED) Sugar Gliders are fast becoming popular pets in the United States

Suggie Savers | A 501(c)3 Federal non profit sugar glider rescue in Colorado.

* Donations are tax deductable.

Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary | A 501(c)3 Federal non profit sugar glider rescue in Las Vegas, Nevada.

* Donations are tax deductable.

Sugar Lumps | A UK based sugar glider forum.

The Gliding room FAQ | Here You Will Find Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar Gliders.

International Sugar Glider Association | This tells a lot of information about Sugar GLiders and legal information throughout different states. | This site shows the abuse that animals go through in pet stores and highlights ways you can help make a difference.

Marsupials at Deep Creek Lake. | Pictures of our glider family: Twix, Zukie, Zip and Zoe.

Pet loss. | For mourning of all your lost sugar gliders....and all your other pets.

My Sugar Glider | Pictures and information on my pet sugar glider. Also, other fun and informative sites.

Happiness is a Sugar Glider! | information on sugar gliders as pets

Gliderman's Sugar Glider Page | Site which is devoted to Sugar Gliders and helping people care for them. Now has chat and message board.

Animal Network | Lots and lots of stuff about all pets

Kangaroo Connection | Buy some Glider stuff