Subject: What's the deal? Illegal breeder?
Posted by Skeptical on June 26, 1999 at 00:34:37:

In Reply to: baby breeding pair for sale in Utah posted by Jen on June 25, 1999 at 23:17:58:

This person posted (on May 6th if you care to scroll down and read it) a breeding pair that she had to give up due to her son's health. I contacted her and offered an experienced home (all 4 of my gliders are rescues). She wanted money. I offered $150, which she said she would accept, but then said she had an offer for more money. After several calls and e-mails I realized that money was much more important to her than the welfare of these gliders. So I gave up. Now less than 2 months later here she is again. Makes me wonder. Besides which it is ILLEGAL to even own gliders of opposite sex in UT. This board is a great source of info and support and I hate to think that it is being abused.

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