Subject: Re:Replacent of Heathers Glider
Posted by Robert Franklin on July 02, 1999 at 15:25:10:

O.K. guys listen up! I am the breeder that Heather got her glider from. First of all, it "is" upsetting to us
that one of our babies was lost. We care a great deal about each and every one of our animals. We
raise many exotic animals and we don't claim to know everything and there is not a day that goes by
that we ourselves don't learn something. We, like most of you, depend on information given to us from
other breeders, books, etc... We are still learning just like all of you. Don't be so quick to judge if you're
not an open minded person. Think about all the little gliders that lost their lives (thru importation, lack of
education, etc.) to develop proper care for the pets you all so cherish. In case there is any doubt, we
are in NO WAY "just in it for the money" our business has had a loss for the fourth consecutive year,
ranging from -$10,000 to -$14,000 per year. So please, don't doubt our sincerity and dedication. We
have always weaned our baby gliders 3 weeks from the time their eyes open (Bourbon I stand
corrected by my wife, not 3 weeks out of the pouch) and have never had a problem, nor has anyone
that we have sold a baby to. This incident, though unfortunate, has educated us as well. As for Heather,
we had not spoken to her since the glider was purchased, and still, to this day, have not heard from her
personally. We were willing to replace the glider with no questions asked. We have not even asked for
proof that the animal truly died (which is necessary for replacement when dealing with almost any
breeder or pet store). We trust what we were told was the truth. The gentleman at her work that called
us after the loss explained to us that the baby had been eating up until the death. So Heather, here is
what we intend to do: We are going to refund your money instead of replacing your glider since, after
all, you would "prefer not to have to deal with us at all". If you do not trust us you probably shouldn't be
dealing with us anyway. Also, I may be alot of things, but one thing that I am NOT is a "liar". Good luck
on your future glider. Robert Franklin

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