Subject: Re:Replacent of Heathers Glider
Posted by Jane2 on July 02, 1999 at 19:21:03:

In Reply to: Re:Replacent of Heathers Glider posted by Robert Franklin on July 02, 1999 at 15:25:10:

I, personally, know that the Franklins always put the animals first. My female that COULD'VE been
too young, they received from another breeder. So, if she was, it wasn't their fault.

It could be POSSIBLE that there was something else wrong with your glider, Heather.
ALTHOUGH, I am NOT saying that there WAS.

I hope that EVERYONE has learned from this ---- I know I have!


PS -- Heather, I hope you have better luck next time and you have no need to post any
questions! : )

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