Subject: still looking for VETS in NY
Posted by dominic on July 06, 1999 at 17:48:22:

well my search goes on for a decent vet in northern NY....i haven't been able to find any close to my home town there, so am spredding my search out to about hrs away from home......i'm praying someone up there knows somethign about these guys are is willing the learn.....

if i can't find one though....i did find an exception to the petstore thoery (i found one here, that after initial inspection raises gliders as good if not better than any other breeder i've heard of) i figure if i can't find a vet i guess i'll have to give them up....maybe the store would take them, at least then they would have a good home, and access to a good vet if needed.

if anyone knows of any good vets up inNORTHERN NY i would greatly appreitiate it..
thanks and have a fine glider day.

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