Subject: Re: OUCH, how to trim sharp little nails??????
Posted by Tiffany on July 10, 1999 at 00:00:45:

In Reply to: OUCH, how to trim sharp little nails?????? posted by CandiMI on July 09, 1999 at 17:41:37:

Ouch is right...I can imagine with all those little ones running around!

I've heard the Wodent Wheel thing works well, but if you leave the sandpaper in too long it can damage their foot pads. Also, I use a different method. I take Eos and put her against my chest, then wrap a washcloth very gently around all her feet (when she is sleepy). Then I use nail clippers for human babies (to avoid splitting the nails). I gently hold one foot at a time out from under the cloth and clip just the very tip of her nail. You can sit under a lamp or something and see where the blood vein starts...then you'll know you aren't cutting too much. Generally, if she gripes at all it's because I get too far. At first it took me and DH to do she's used to it and doesn't complain at all. I always have a mealworm or some type of special treat to give her RIGHT AFTER I cut the last nail. (She expects it too! If I forget, she will give me a good nip! :)
I do this about once a week - that way I'm not cutting so much off that she can't climb around and stuff.

Good luck with whatever you choose,

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