Subject: OUCH, how to trim sharp little nails??????
Posted by CandiMI on July 09, 1999 at 17:41:37:

Hi everyone!

My girls are doing great, actually all I have now are my girls, the four joeys ( yes the two I had fed all those wks ended up doing GREAT... and they are my special twins from all the bonding ) also still have the mother of the two joeys who were hand fed ( the two other pairs went to a wonderful new home with a liscened breeder in OH )

Problem is as I work on bonding more, and they work on escaping and gliding LOL I am getting VERY badly scratched... I attempted a nail file, it just scared them to death, and nail clippers on my adult... but with such little semi curled nails it was impossible and only taking of the slightest tip caused alittle bleeding.. so help! I know there were ideas posted in the past on ways to trim the nails but I started to get the BIGGEST headache scrolling down trying to find them LOL so maybe alittle refresher wouldn't hurt?

Thanks again everyone
Candi and the critter crew: Sassy, Angel baby, Spyder, Mango, & Kiwi

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