Subject: Re: Want glider info and stories
Posted by Jane on July 23, 1999 at 08:55:24:

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You have two major points that would suggest a sugar glider is not perhaps optimal for you. You say you are looking for a cheap sugar glider because you are a student. Please be aware taht gliders have a very complex diet that costs a fair amount to maintain, also if you are to be a good owner you would only get them if you have enough money in reserve that if they have a problem you can take them to a vet without a second thought. Vet bills can be very expensive for exotics look at some of the old posts and see what people have had to go through. As a student can you give up hours per day when you have a paper due or have an exam the next day. You are also in Utah where you have to geta state license and continue to be checked out month by month. They also forbid you to sell your glider for ANY reason. So you should be prepared for a fifteen year commitment- are you? could you deal with an animal that takes teh same commitment as a new born baby for teh next fifiteen years.
I do admire you for your dedication to finding things out before you get one but please for both your and your possible gliders sake please take this as a VERY serious commitment.
: I do not have gliders yet but want a pair badly I dont want to ship now thanks to a story told to me by Ms.Shell- to her I thank so I wouldn't have to learn the hard way. I want any information or learn from stories that any of you can give me. I can never have enough information or too many stories.
: thank you soo much
: Janice
: ps know of sugar gliders in Utah that need a good home for free or low cost(Im just a student)? please Email me!!

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