Subject: Thanks for your concern
Posted by Janice on July 24, 1999 at 03:24:23:

In Reply to: Re: Want glider info and stories posted by Jane on July 23, 1999 at 08:55:24:

Thank you so much for your concern. I have thought all of this through and can honestly say I am ready. I have a vet that I can take them to-which I donate time to-that is very close to my house. The only thing I want to not spend the full price for is the sugar gliders. I am willing to pay for the food, the license, the vet bills, whatever. I just want to lower the price of the sugar gliders. And school I have thought it over and will not give them up under any circumstances, and about not being able to give them enough attention due to exams is not any bit of a problem. I go to a private, VERY accelerated school and have been doing term papers 5 pages long in one night-ie I can do them in no time-playing with them while I type it up. And I already found someone who can get me the food and supplies for the sugar gliders when I get them. I'm glad there are people like you to make sure these wonderful creatures are taken good care of.

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