Subject: Anti-social Glider???
Posted by sadie on July 27, 1999 at 09:25:51:

Hello everyone.
My gliders, Princess and Wesley, have been very interactive with me and eachother. Last night though I put them in the hamster balls to let them run off some of their energy. Wesley, mine of about a week, freaked out. He just did NOT like it at all. He was scared and didn't know what to think. I let him go back into his pouch and tried to make friends with him again, by offering special treats. All he did though was snatch the treats from my hand, crab and bite at me. He didn't even come out of the pouch at will. I kinda pressured him to come out so he could get food, but after he ate, he retreated to the pouch again. He wouldn't even let Princess sleep with him! She was curled up in the food dish that is too small for her to fit... what an uncomfortable nap she must of had.

What can I do to enable friendly behavior?
How can I help rebuild trust? If thats it... and
How can I get him to interact with Princess again?

THanks for all of your help once again.

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