Subject: Re: Anti-social Glider???
Posted by Bourbon on July 27, 1999 at 13:05:04:

In Reply to: Anti-social Glider??? posted by sadie on July 27, 1999 at 09:25:51:

: It is better to be hated for what you believe in than to be liked for what you don't.

Good phrase..
well where it comes to rebuilding trust, it sometimes takes longer the second time around, sometimes you never get it back at all. It will regquire you to start all over from the begining, and be very very patient. First you must understand that they are not born to trust as it is. (All this is based on your questions as far as trust.) So as to your question on how to get them to trust you after a trust has been broken, well start all over..while first teaching trust to begin with , I tell others that each mistake sets them back a few more days, till the trust is there. It will all depend on you and your glider... I am sorry this happened, and I really do wish you loads of luck..

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