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I know that feeling, it's like Christmas Eve when you are 5. I am just a little worried about the on the spot neutering thing. I have heard of people who "tie it off". That is, they wrap a piece of thread around the males button and tie it really, really tight until it falls off. That is pure torture as far as I am concerned whether they give the glider something for pain or not. A vet can actually go in surgically and remove the necessary parts, but leave the button itself. So, your little guy will still look the way God intended him too and not like he's missing something. I know that I wouldn't trust anyone except a professional who has had many years of school training to mess with any of my parts would you? I know that finding a vet in your area may be difficult, but I would seriously grill this breeder before you let him do anything. It's just a suggestion.

Happy Glider Chatter!!!

: Ok, if you can't tell I am excited on getting my 2 little ones next Sunday. I will have to drive 5 hours each way to even pick the gliders up but I am doing this during the day to get them back before they should wake up. I am getting the final touches done on my cage and trying to get things set up for my pets. In my 6 foot cage I have a wodent wheel, pouches, a few wooden 1" dowels I got at the hardware store for climbing, and necessary food and water supplies. I am looking into branches but from being way out of my realm here in Texas I am not sure of the local trees. I am still looking into this since I want alot of fun items for the little ones to play with. i will also be making up a batch of leadbetters so they have some good stuff when they get here.
: Since my breeder is soo far away, I have had no interaction with my babies until I get them. I know it may be harder since they are just getting separated form the mothers.. I will have my pick of however many he has at the time, so I will spend alot of time to try to let 2 pick me out. I kinda want a male and a female but I will take any pairing if they get along good and are freindly.
: If I get a male and female pair, I will have the male neutered. He says that he will neuter them right there on the spot! I would think that this would be young for a glider but he says he has been doing this for awhile now and has never had any problems. I don't know exactly how he does it, but if the glider is not given anything for pain or something I will not get it done by him. He gives a 20 day health guarentee so if it doesn't hurt them I would feel better getting it done by him. Also it would be free, but I really don't care that much about that. I just don't want my glider hurt. Have anyone out there had their glider neutered at such a young age??
: Ok, sorry for this being so long. I am just excited and waiting for the day to get here. If anyone has suggestions or comments I would appreciate hearing them either here or by e-mail. I have been researching for 5 + months now but all the reading in the world doesn't prepare you for the real thing I am sure. again, sorry for this being soo long.
: Tim

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