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: I know that feeling, it's like Christmas Eve when you are 5. I am just a little worried about the on the spot neutering thing. I have heard of people who "tie it off". That is, they wrap a piece of thread around the males button and tie it really, really tight until it falls off. That is pure torture as far as I am concerned whether they give the glider something for pain or not. A vet can actually go in surgically and remove the necessary parts, but leave the button itself. So, your little guy will still look the way God intended him too and not like he's missing something. I know that I wouldn't trust anyone except a professional who has had many years of school training to mess with any of my parts would you? I know that finding a vet in your area may be difficult, but I would seriously grill this breeder before you let him do anything. It's just a suggestion.

: Happy Glider Chatter!!!
: Lea

Lea, I have heard of this being done too. (I lived on a farm all my life and had cows done in very ugly ways). I would never have this done to my gliders. I want my glider to have it done surgically. I never want my guy to be put through any pain. If the guy givs the glider anesthetic and does it right then I may get it done. If not, I will wait and have my vet do it. I already have a vet who knows a bit about gliders here. Take heart to know I would never put my little guy through pain to save a buck. Thanks for the reply

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