Subject: I know this is a little frustrating..
Posted by Bourbon on August 31, 1999 at 23:40:27:

When we edited the board (the long way, it caused havpoc in the realms.. for every posts that was deleted, it is now filling in the blanks. At this time, we are working on another base , that will be used in place of this with total acess to all the past and present files, we have the ip checker working, as well as a search engine for the base and all the archives. I am currently working on a multi-page script that will only show so many messages, then it will give a next page button, still giving access to all postings. The reason the posts are showing as being already read, is that the deleted posts holes are marked and if you had read those deled posts.. it will show up.. anyway, so until the gurus get done with the editor, the double posts will have to be tolerated, and the flamers, spammers, etc. we will just edit their messages so they are blank but left in order..that will eliminate any more probs, we are sorry for this inconveince, this is why the base hasn't been monitored in the past; however, there are soulutions in the making..

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