Subject: Re: Response to Evan in Australia
Posted by Melinda on September 03, 1999 at 13:44:10:

In Reply to: Response to Evan in Australia posted by Kasey on August 30, 1999 at 21:38:34:

Hi Kasey,
It is true that Sugar Gliders are an Endangered species in Australia,
and although they are not on the Australian Endangered species list, there are
very few left in the wild. And it is infact illegal to keep them as pets in Australia,
if i remember correctly, you need a special Parks and Wildlife Licence to keep one.
I am an Australian Citizen, currently living in Virginia. I grew up in the bush with many species of possum's
including sugar gliders and pigmy possums, both of which where plentyful 20 years ago, today you'd be lucky to see one at all.
I have yet to find a site that documents sugar gliders being endangered, or illegal to keep as pets.
But it is a known fact, which I'd be happy to prove to you once I do find some documentation.
I dont however intend to change your mind into not buying a sugar glider. As far as I Im aware, the gliders that came over to
America several years ago, where brought over from Indonesia.
I myself own a glider, but I dont feel cynical or hypocritical about owning one because I feel it is important for responsible
breeders and glider owners to continue to breed gliders and keep them as a species, so that in the years to come, if infact
gliders become extinct, the only ones we will have left are the ones we keep as pets.
Association would never allow any Australian

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