Subject: The babys body is hanging oop!!
Posted by Brienna on September 04, 1999 at 22:48:16 from

I was sooo excited to come home tonight to see Fallon and how they were doing. I grabbed my video camera and as soon as I turned the lamp on, i saw the babys body out of the pouch. Everything but the mouth. I never imagined how tiny the life could be. It was breathe taking. Fallon was very comfortable with me around it too. I touched it a little bit. I cant tell if its a boy or girl though. It had skin much like a baby hamster. Kinda fuzzy but not much. Its skin was grayish-blue and it even had a dark stripe already down its back. Five toes and nails. Last night all I could see was the tail. But tonight I will never forget. I got it on tape moving and clinging on outside of the pouch. But i do see myself with a lot more questions to come. I know I can rely on you guys. I do not want the responsibility of more babies so I am surely getting Fagan neutured a.s.a.p.
If any of you have any helpful sources for new babies I would be greatful. Thanks, Brienna

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