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Posted by Scott Runnels on September 05, 1999 at 15:27:39:

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: Yes there is a difference. When was the last time you saw a rat or hamster fly from across the room just to give you a facehug? Or to rub his scent glands all over you claiming you as HIS property? True, there are some similarities between gliders, hammys and rats... their all cute as hell and thrive on attention. But I'm afraid thats where the similarities end. First, a rat or hammy will be lucky to see their second or third birthday. Where a glider could live to be 15! Second, gliders require a more specialized diet and much larger living quarters.

: As for the peeing all the time? Like I've said before, its not like you have a rotweiler peein' on your shoulder. If being used as a toilet is something you can't accept, then a glider might not be the best pet for you! :)

Well, I can't imagine they pee that much, so it's not a a bad thing. What about the pooping...I'm just curious about if it's really quite messy or what not.

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