Subject: Dizzy and her day.
Posted by Scott Runnels on September 07, 1999 at 22:13:51:

So, I picked up Desdemona, today. We've had quite a day. First I got her from a very nice woman in Chesapeake so I went to pick her up and as soon as she got into the car she hopped out and decided to explore. I tried to keep her corraled in the back but she's QUICK!! She crawled into my dash board. Took me about 30 minutes to take it apart and fish her out back into her pouch!
Now she's been in her cage for most of the night, but I was there when she poked her head out looking for food and I fed her a mix of diced apples, oranges, some ham, and a piece of Egg with the shell on it. She ate a bit then decided to explore. She played with her toys a little, and then took a look at the cage, and SQUEEZED RIGHT THROUGH! So I freaked. I ended up tearing out my window screens, and wrapping them around the cage. Hopefully it will do for just tonight. I'm skipping classes tomorrow (Wednesday) to go get the right size caging sheets. I'll just have to clip it onto the bigger screen, it will make it stronger. But I feel so bad. I feel like S**T. I was trying to provide a very low stress, move and I've screwed up. I hope she'll forgive me.


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