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NO WAY!!!!.. He has given me plenty of reason not to trust him... and that is one trust that can't be rebuilt, however; your gliders need to know that you are there for them, it actually sounds as if things are going quite as expected though. DON'T try to hold them..what ever you do, right now, you being the bearer of "good treats" is just what they need. That is all part of it. while in the cage though, wait them out a bit, they will eventually come to you for those treats.. as long as you pamper them by hand feeding them, why should they come to you, they are creatures of habit.. so what habit are you starting?? yup.. sure enough, they have already learned you will give in and take it to them..start close, then move back a little each time. this is slow i know.. but it seems to me they are afraid of your hands, could be that you have tried to hold them in the past? or maybe catch them? try to think of a time, that your hands were lets say.... not real safe for them...that will be your answer to all of this.right now they need to know that they can come and go as THEY wish, that you are not going to make any moves. It will all work out, respect them, and their moods.. here just for grins check out this link..
keep in mind, each glider is different, and as with kids, some bond different than others, as why i asked how you would define it. for my hubby, his definition of a bonded glider is just what he and Smokey has.. now for me.. it is much different..Also keep in mind as you are looking at this link, that i have had her over 2 years and have spent up to 18 hours a day every day with her. A bond is like love, it only grows better with time...
Oh yeah by the way.. here is your "face hugger" by proxy

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