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Posted by sadie on September 08, 1999 at 10:53:35:

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Well, I don't know that a "good bond" has a definition... but I am not able to hold then out of pouch while they are sleeping, and they sometimes act really afraid of me in the evenings. I do let them out of their cage for playtime, we hang out in the proofed bathroom... sometimes though, they won't even leave their cage! They generally don't come to play by me... even if I lure them with treats! They much rather have the treats come to them.

In the early am while they are still tearing around in the cage, I will hand feed them some treats and they will be all over my arms. But, unless I have a sweet, I am a nobody! So, I just am the bearer of all good stuff to them.

I know that a good bond does take time, and I am willing to give it as much time as it takes. I just am getting anxious for the day when they give me a painful as it sounds, I can't wait!

If you can give me any other advise or insight, I would really appreciate it.

Bourbon.... as for the son-in-law... speaking from experience? lol

Hopefully he will grow on you too!

Thanks a bunch!

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